Business Management Solutions Ltd has rebranded as BMS-IT

Over the past couple of years, as our customers have worked with us, we noticed the inevitable shortening of our business name, in most cases down to BMS. Let’s be honest, it rolls off the tongue a bit easier than Business Management Solutions.  We even started to adopt the acronym ourselves.

We recently took a step backwards and looked at our business with a customer’s hat on. We started to question what BMS stands for, in particular for anyone that doesn’t know who we are and what we do. We know we’re IT asset management specialists but does ‘BMS’ let the uninitiated know that?  We believe it didn’t and so we agreed it was time for a change.

Same, same…..but different!

Rebranding a business is not something you do on a whim, and for us, it was definitely a considered decision.  One of the key motivators for us was to develop a brand that much better reinforces what we do – IT asset management. We all agreed that there was significant brand equity that had been built up for BMS – and with our extensive global network partners knowing us as BMS – we decided that the best path forward was under a new name, that incorporated the old, BMS-IT. There are obvious nods back to the old branding, both in terms of colourways, and also the forward arrow device. We wanted to keep this as we believe it references our forward-thinking approach to what we do.
Our brand update has allowed us to align ourselves more with who we are and what we offer. Business Management Solutions was always known as BMS to both our supplier and customer base and so it made sense to create a brand in line with that, with added detail of what we do. It was important for us to get a strong brand identity as we continue to grow our market presence with the introduction of market leading innovations we’re looking to introduce to manage the whole IT asset life-cycle.

Business as usual

While our brand may have changed, our focus hasn’t. If anything, the change to BMS-IT has allowed us to concentrate our energies into what we do best and stick to our knitting so to speak.  We’re still the same experienced team, passionate about providing expert advice, and market-leading customer outcomes.

Our Services:

  • IT Remarketing
  • HDD Data Erasure
  • IT Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Valuations
  • Medical Remarketing
  • Asset Tracking
Please do contact us to find out more about how we can help you to best manage your IT assets.