IT Remarketing

Our core business is the Remarketing of retired and ex-lease IT assets. Through our extensive local and international customer base we have identified the best markets…Read more

HDD Data Erasure

We use market-leading Blancco software to ensure the data erasure of your assets is 100% compliant to the minimum standards as recommended by NZ Government Communications…Read more

IT Decommissioning

All IT assets received are processed using our automated diagnostic software, a full report is then completed by specification, physical condition and a diagnostic… Read more

IT Asset Valuation

BMS-IT offers a range of current and future IT Asset Valuation services for liquidations, asset buy backs, and residual risk exposure – allowing clients to know exactly… Read more

Medical Remarketing

We are specialists in the remarketing of major medical equipment – and in particular medical imaging machines such as MRI units, CT Scanners, X-Ray Systems, Ultrasounds etc… Read more

Asset Tracking

Our purpose-built ARMS (Asset Recovery Management System) software allows you to track the status of your IT assets on our user-friendly web-based portal.. Read more


At BMS-IT we work hard to make the job of IT asset management and disposals as easy as possible. We do this through great people, robust processes, and exceptional customer service. Here are just some of the reasons why you should trust your IT asset management to BMS-IT:


BMS-IT has assembled an exceptional team to deliver a marketing-leading approach to IT asset management. We know what we are best at, and we stick to our knitting – so can rest assured that we are genuine specialists in the core set of services that we offer.

BMS-IT has a proven track-record of successfully managing large IT refresh programs in tandem with clients’ installation teams to reduce the cost of the removal of retired IT equipment and increasing financial returns on IT asset sales.

Asset returns can be difficult to manage. We understand this, and so we have a dedicated Logistics Manager to take the pain away. BMS-IT has dedicated return facilities in both New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) & Australia.

We process over 50,000 IT assets a year in our NZ facility alone. Of this, less than 1.5% becomes eWaste / recycled. Our intention is to always remarket whatever assets we can, if beyond economical repair we re-use any working parts before we recycle.