Our in-house asset management system, ARMS (Asset Recovery Management System), provides an auditable trail for all assets we process from the time of intended return to the point of sale. This portal provides our customers with a transparent view of the journey each asset takes through our facility and provides notifications to keep you updated and informed each step along the way.

We have developed an online ‘real time’ suite of reports to fulfil any ESG reporting requirements of the positive environmental impact of IT asset disposal; this also includes reporting of any donations of IT assets for digital inclusion programs.

Transparency is important to us. We ensure clients have complete visibility around the condition and buyback pricing of all assets we process by including detailed descriptions and images of any damaged or faulty items. Reports can be easily downloaded, and records of previous returns are easily accessible 24/7.

ARMS also offers asset and sustainability reporting that can be customised to cater for specific customer requirements.

If this interests you, contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your needs.