How BMS Are Working to Improve Environmental, Social, and Financial Outcomes for their clients and community.

One of BMS’ clients is a trusted provider of laptops and mobile devices to some of New Zealand’s most successful organisations. Their team of experts ensure only the highest quality technology from leading manufacturers is used for their client’s needs. By understanding each organisation’s specific demands and requirements, they ensure all systems run seamlessly, so employees have nothing standing between them and working towards success.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses and organisations of all kinds as they strive to reach positive environmental, social, and financial outcomes. As a result, BMS has partnered with this client to provide its customers with a complete product stewardship solution.

How the Relationship Works

BMS works closely with the client to provide its customers with a comprehensive product stewardship solution. This includes assessment, grading, and coordination of end-of-life devices. The goal of this relationship is to ensure that their clients customers can achieve more sustainable outcomes for their clients through our services.

Environmental Outcomes

The partnership has helped many companies reduce their carbon footprint by ensuring that end-of-life devices are disposed of properly. By partnering with BMS and utilising our recycling capabilities, the client is helping businesses reduce their waste and meet their sustainability goals by reducing their reliance on landfills for disposal. In addition, BMS works with reputable electronic recyclers who reuse parts from the device when possible, reducing the need for landfills or new resources being used in production.

Social Outcomes

BMS and their client are leading the charge in tackling New Zealand’s digital divide, breathing new life into old devices for those most in need. Pre-existing financial constraints or rural living have long posed barriers to equitable access to technology across NZ – a gap made even more apparent by COVID-19. Thanks to the social programs we are involved in, thousands of Kiwis without computers can access society on a more level playing field. This allows them to get back into education or out there looking for job opportunities they may not previously have been able to take advantage of.

Financial Outcomes

BMS offers a comprehensive IT remarketing service that provides an effortless process for the client to dispose of their retired IT assets responsibly. From the assessment of these devices to their recycling or sale for optimal value, BMS strives to provide the best disposal service available on the market. Not only does this aid in proper environmentally friendly disposal methods for their client’s clients, but it also allows them to recoup optimal amounts of money from any sales of their old IT equipment.

Through increased collaboration between the client and BMS, the client can now achieve better sustainability outcomes across all three pillars—environmental, social and financial—when disposing of end-of-life devices responsibly and efficiently. Working together helps both parties leverage each other’s expertise to create win/win situations that benefit everyone involved cost-effectively while still delivering quality results.