Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is in our DNA. Repurposing surplus computer equipment is at the core of what we do. By extending the life of an asset, secondary users are given the opportunity to access technology at a lower entry cost.

We play a key role in supporting the education sector, communities, and international organisations to fulfil global digital inclusion and sustainability initiatives.

Our solar-powered state-of-the-art processing facility and ISO:14001 Environmental credentials enable us to walk the talk and be at the forefront of sustainable operating practices.

We work with freight partners who strive to reduce carbon emissions and we actively recycle and reuse all packaging material.

Of the 100,000 assets we process annually, only a minimal amount needs to be recycled as e-waste. We certify e-wasted assets and use processes approved by the Environmental Protection Authority to ensure electronic waste streams are appropriately managed both locally and offshore. This enables waste to be diverted from landfills, significantly reducing the impact of end-of-life computer equipment on our environment.

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