IT Remarketing

Enhance the value from the sale of your retired IT assets

At BMS-IT our core business is the remarketing of retired and ex-lease IT equipment. We’re the market-leader for IT Remarketing in New Zealand – and here’s just a few reasons why we do IT better than anyone else:

Best Markets = Best Returns

Through our extensive local and international customer base we have identified the very best markets globally for the sale of IT assets by type, make and model. This allows us to consistently achieve optimal IT Remarketing sales values, and this means you benefit by receiving higher proceeds from your IT asset disposals.

Better markets for better returns

Don’t throw away your old IT equipment

It is a popular misconception that many older IT assets are basically e-waste, fit only for recycling. Our extensive global markets will accept most working IT assets, meaning they still retain a financial value – even faulty, damaged or non-working assets are able to be sold as either complete units or for spare parts.

Examples of assets we are able to provide financial returns for are desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, LCD’s, Servers, storage, switches, PABX, IP Phones.

Guaranteed value

We are experienced in providing valuations of asset inventories to assist in liquidations, asset buy backs or assess residual risk exposure for expiring leases. Asset buy backs have allowed us to provide customers with a guaranteed value for their existing IT fleet in order to reinvest in a standard IT platform for all users, therefore providing a solution to ease the management and maintenance of your IT fleet.

BMS-IT IT Remarketing

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  • Increase your financial returns through our ability to optimise proceeds on asset sales through our local and international customer base
  • Able to remarket a wide range of assets including desktops, laptops, servers, storage/SANS, networking equipment, LCD’s and medical imaging equipment
  • Valuations of your current asset base provides an understanding of what you can reinvest towards your refresh program
  • We extract a value on all asset received whenever possible, even for older or non-working assets

BMS-IT has a strong connection with most major industries including Professional Services, Medical, Education, Construction, Agri-Business, Energy, Local & Central Government, & Telecommunications. When these sectors look to retire their IT assets, they choose BMS-IT to help with their IT Remarketing.
Preferred Lease Parner
BMS-IT has long-standing relationships with most leading leasing companies across Australasia. A number of our team have come from within the leasing industry, so we have considerable knowledge of what is required to manage lease returns and get the best returns for ex-lease IT equipment. Contact us today to discuss your IT Remarketing needs.

As an ISO:9001 certified company, we are regularly tested on our ability to consistently deliver the highest levels of performance and service. We are also regularly audited on our security performance, and we are proud to use market-leading Blancco data erasure solutions to guarantee the secure erasure of our clients’ IT assets.

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