IT Decommissioning

World-Class IT Decommissioning facilities and practices

At BMS-IT we offer IT Decommissioning services and comprehensive reporting for all IT assets received. Our facilities are world-class, and our simple and effective IT Decommissioning processes allow us to manage large volumes of assets in a timely fashion.

Small or large-scale IT Decommissioning – we’ve got you covered

Our facility can easily accommodate the processing of large asset returns in a timely manner. We have dedicated bench space and power to process 500+ desktops or laptops at a time, utilising market-leading software. This ensures processing is completed securely, accurately and efficiently. All assets received are processed using our automated diagnostic software, and a full report is then completed by specification, physical condition and a diagnostic check for faults. Assets will be processed and reported within a set timeframe as per an agreed SLA.

We keep IT Decommissioning simple – as it should be

At BMS-IT we have a simple IT Decommissioning Process – that is proven-effective and ensures the most efficient outcomes for our clients.

The BMS-IT decommissioning process of IT assets would typically include all the above steps. Any additional, specific requirements can be added as requested, including HDD erasure.

Exceptional peace-of-mind

At BMS-IT we have ISO:9001 certification which reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of performance and service. We also use market-leading Blancco software for our secure data erasure which means you can rest-assured that your IP and any sensitive information is protected during the IT Decommissioning process.

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  • Nil cost for all decommissioning services provided
  • Diagnostic software provides 100% accuracy in information recorded on assets received
  • Ability to process large volume returns in a timely manner
  • Completion of reporting of assets received within set SLA’s

BMS-IT Decommissioning Process

User-Friendly Reporting
We provide the kind of reporting that we would like to receive. Simple, user-friendly reporting with the right level of detail and clarity to genuinely support the IT Decommissioning process. These reports provide line-by-line transparent value of each and every IT asset going through the decommissioning process.
Blancco Data Erasure
Blancco is the industry standard in secure data erasure. All Blancco erasures are verified and certified through a tamperproof audit trail. Blancco’s solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 18 governing bodies and leading global organisations. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance.
ISO9001 Certified
BMS-IT constantly strives for continuous improvement. In a world of ever-changing technology we keep up to date with global best practices, and the very best industry solutions so we can drive innovative change and deliver exceptional customer service. This is reflected in our ISO:9001 certification which drives our daily pursuit of excellence.

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