IT Asset Valuations

Understand your position with an IT Asset Valuation

A key part of our service offering at BMS-IT is Asset Valuations – which allow our customers to get an accurate understanding of their current and future IT asset value position.

Current IT Asset Valuations

BMS-IT offers accurate Current IT Asset Valuations for Asset Buy Backs, Residual Risk exposure for leasing companies and Liquidations,

Current IT Asset Valuations for Asset Buy Backs
Valuations for Asset Buy Backs allow us to provide customers with a guaranteed value for their existing IT equipment. This allows them to understand the value of their existing asets to reinvest in their new IT fleet.

Current IT Asset Valuations for Residual Risk Exposure
BMS-IT provides current and future IT Asset Valuations for residual risk to assist lessors with an accurate understanding of their current residual exposure and to assist in residual setting for future expiring contracts.

Fair Market IT Asset Valuations for Liquidations
In liquidation situations BMS-IT is able to provide the assigned liquidator an accurate current fair market valuation of the IT Assets of the company being liquidated. Our IT Asset Valuations for Liquidations are completed in a timely manner, in order to support the overall liquidation process.

IT Asset Valuations

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  • Valuations of your current asset base provides an understanding of what you can reinvest towards your refresh program
  • We extract a value on all asset received whenever possible, even for older or non-working assets
  • Valuations available for liquidations, asset buy backs, and residual risk exposure
  • Fast and accurate valuations provided each time, every time.


Know your position
The key benefit of current or future IT Asset Valuation is to understand the value of what you have. Valuations are always based on fair market value and enable you to determine the true value your assets hold in order to make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure.
Maximum Values
BMS-IT is known for its ability to derive maximum values in all aspects of IT asset management. This reputation has seen us become a preferred partner inclusion in a growing number of competitive tender scenarios, where our involvement has helped organisations win deals, based on our ability to deliver best market rates.
Benefit your business
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