HDD Data Erasure

We protect your valuable IP with market-leading Blancco data erasure software

BMS-IT uses market-leading Blancco Drive Eraser software to ensure the secure data erasure of your IT assets is 100% compliant to the minimum standards as recommended by NZ Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

Certified Data Erasure

We provide a certificate of data erasure for every IT asset requested to be erased. In addition to the serial number and any other unique identifier of each IT asset the certificate also provides the unique serial number of each individual hard drive. Erasing to the NIST-800-88 standard this passes even the most stringent internal or external audit policies.

Manage up to 500 assets at the same time

Data erasure can be a time-consuming exercise to complete for any IT Department with the time required to properly erase data on a desktop or laptop being anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Servers and storage arrays can take up to one week to complete depending on the quantity and size of the drives. Using Blancco Drive Eraser software as part of our ISO:9001 certified process allows us to manage and erase 500+ assets at a time, reducing the overall time needed to complete any erasure job.

HDD Data Erasure

Not all data erasure software is created equal

Many free software packages used to wipe hard drives are not compliant and/or are not certified for corporate use, leaving you vulnerable to your valuable IP remaining on the hard drives. BMS-IT’s HDD erasure method ensures a consistent process is maintained and resource is freed up to manage any other projects or maintain day to day activities.

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  • 100% compliant and certified data erasure for every hard drive wiped, itemised by serial number per each HDD
  • Compliant to NZGCSB and multi-national government and military standards
  • Market leading software allows us to erase 500+ assets at a time
  • Fastest known technology to wipe server and SAN HDD’s
  • Remote and on-site services available


Security Standards
The market-leading Blancco Drive Eraser software that we use at BMS-IT provides a 100% tamper-proof audit trail with comprehensive digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure for every asset. This makes it the current industry benchmark for secure data destruction, and this peace-of-mind is one of the key reasons for which we use it.
Fast & Secure
Our ‘SuperWiper’ hardware allows servers, small to mid-sized storage arrays, or loose HDDs to be wiped to the same exacting standards to enhance resale values. This hardware can process 8 drives in one go per machine and we have 4 of these at BMS-IT. These speed efficiencies can greatly reduce the overall duration of your erasure project.
We don't crush
We can destroy (crush) hard drives if that is your preferred method of data sanitization. However, the Blancco Drive Eraser software we use can also erase SSDs with a 100% secure, and patented technology. Blancco is the first provider to currently offer this, and this allows us to retain maximum asset value throughout the process.


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