Asset Tracking


BMS-IT has designed its own in-house software – ARMS (Asset Recovery Management System) – to provide an auditable trail of lease returns from the time of intended return date to the point of sale. ARMS is an easy to use web-based system with an online portal, allowing direct access to our clients, regardless of their location.

ARMS – Our Business Super Manager

ARMS (Asset Recovery Management System) is our purpose-designed ‘business manager’. This online portal manages every part of the asset return process, from notification of expected return date, through to the ultimate sale of the asset.

ARMS Asset Tracking

Transparently track your status

ARMS has been designed to provide our clients with a rich level of transparency and easy access to track their job status on a simple online portal. With detailed reporting and helpful email alerts for key milestones, ARMS is the very best way to keep track of your retired IT.

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If you think that ARMS would be beneficial to your business, our team is only too happy to give you an obligation-free demonstration of how the system works and what benefits you can expect when you use it yourself. Please use the contact form today to arrange your demo.

Key Features of ARMS:
  • Every incoming job is identified with a unique job number with reference to the customer, contract/reference, ETA and asset type and quantities to be returned and recorded
  • An automated email is sent at the time the assets are received to assist to confirm assets have been received at our facility
  • Once the assets are received this creates an internal deadline date for completion to ensure jobs are completed in line with SLA’s
  • The status of returns can be checked online to identify jobs received, not received and a history of returns processed
  • Once a job is completed, an automated email is sent with an accompanying Goods Received Advise
  • All completed jobs are accessible online with all documentation pertaining to the job (Delivery/collection receipts, GRA, Blancco Certificates, Damage photos)
  • Search engines are in place to review historical data for assets returns
  • Report function – A suite of reports is available to assist in the review of returns to provide any historical information required

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  • User-friendly online portal – access anywhere regardless of location
  • Simple, transparent system, with rich reporting
  • Easy email alerts for key milestone events
  • Ability to view historical returns information
  • Purpose-designed to add value to our clients’ BMS-IT experience

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