Remarketing and Asset Valudation

Remarketing and Asset Valuation

We have established channels to optimize proceeds for the sale of assets by specific make and type. Knowing where the best markets are for particular assets types provides greater financial returns for you to re-invest in your IT.

Hard Drive Data Erasure

We have invested in market leading software to ensure the data erasure of your assets is compliant to the minimum standards as recommended by NZ Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). We provide a certified certificate of data erasure for every asset received, detailing the unique serial number of asset including the serial of each hard drive. Our purpose-built hardware allows Servers, Storage arrays or loose disks to be wiped to industry leading standards and reformatted to enhance resale values.



We provide a full report of all assets received to determine specification, physical condition and a diagnostic check for faults. Our facility has been purpose built to process 150+ assets at a time recorded directly into our in-house asset management system.



We have a dedicated logistics team to ensure assets are collected timely and securely nationwide – we have drop off facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Please contact us for any international requirements you may have.

Project Management

Project Management

We have proven experience in managing large refresh programs in tandem with your installation team to reduce the cost of the removal of redundant IT and increase your financial returns on asset sales.


A lot of customers class end of life IT as ewaste or recycling – this is very often not the case. Although assets may not be performing to meet your requirements they can be reused in other environments and so on-sold. Any assets that are deemed end of life are disposed of in a compliant manner in line with government legislation, no assets go to landfill.