Are your retired IT assets going to waste?

These days, the idea of your retired or end of life IT assets ending up in a landfill is unthinkable. Global awareness and adoption of sustainable practices across all industries has led the technology industry to be more resourceful, think laterally,...
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Windows 7 Support Ends 2020

  With the impending end of support and updates for Windows 7, BMS-IT can assist in remarketing your retired assets to invest in your Windows 10 hardware upgrade.   After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or...
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Business Management Solutions Ltd has rebranded as BMS-IT

  Over the past couple of years, as our customers have worked with us, we noticed the inevitable shortening of our business name, in most cases down to BMS. Let’s be honest, it rolls off the tongue a bit easier than Business Management Solutions. ...
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