Are your retired IT assets going to waste?

These days, the idea of your retired or end of life IT assets ending up in a landfill is unthinkable. Global awareness and adoption of sustainable practices across all industries has led the technology industry to be more resourceful, think laterally, and develop ways to repurpose, reuse, and recycle obsolete technology responsibly.

There are many terms relating to the disposal of old technology – corporate recycling, e-waste, electronic recycling, IT recycling, and more. At BMS-IT we take this important recycling a step further. We don’t just recycle your retired IT – we remarket it – and pay you for it!

What is IT Remarketing?

IT remarketing is where we take your retired IT assets, assess the value, erase all data and sell the assets into markets to enable to pay you optimal value for them. This means that not only are you disposing of your retired IT responsibly, you are getting cash back for doing so!

E-waste is a huge issue, and it’s progressively getting worse. The nature of electronics means there’s a high turnover from old to new – IT disposal is simply unavoidable. In 2018, every New Zealander created an average of 19 kilograms of electrical or electronic waste per year, which made a total of 89 million kilograms of e-waste. For large organisations, undertaking an asset upgrade can be a stressful process, through our tailored solutions we make this process easy!

With New Zealand being one of very few developed countries without any laws to manage e-waste, it is important understand how and where to dispose of old devices. Schools, corporations, large companies, and other organisations benefit from BMS-IT’s full-service IT disposal process, which involves the following:

  1.   An IT Asset Valuation
  2.   Collection of retired electronic
  3.   Asset Tracking
  4.   Blancco data erasure
  5.   IT Decommissioning reporting
  6.   IT Remarketing

This proven-effective IT recycling process also ensures all data is securely erased with individual certificates of completion for each asset. Should any assets not hold any value due to age or condition then we provide an ethical e waste solution using our certified recycling partner.

E Waste is our last solution, first and foremost we want to find value in your assets in order to pay you for them!

To find out more, give one of our friendly and experienced team a call today on 0800 BMSLTD (0800 267 583) or email